Simplify Your RetirementBaby Boomer Retirement Course

Sacramento, CA

Simplify Your Retirement provides comprehensive personal finance information for those in the early stages of retirement or those about to retire. It addresses difficult retirement decisions such as income planning, Social Security maximization and the risks to avoid. You’ll learn how to incorporate health care, inflation and other considerations into your overall plan. Upon completion, you’ll be better prepared to take the necessary steps to create your own retirement strategy.
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About Your Workshop Instructor

Evan Heaton Sacramento, CA

Evan Heaton

Evan Heaton, National Director at Trusted Advisors Group, has always felt passionate about staying focused on what’s right, which is exactly how he runs his business: with complete integrity and clarity.

Evan strives to get clients in the most tax-advantaged and growth-protected place possible by following best practices and sharing his knowledge of the industry so clients can be informed and optimistic during the decision-making process. He is determined to always make excellent service the top priority when working with clients.

Evan was previously a stockbroker, registered investment advisor, office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ) and coached high school football for 11 years and led his team to six championships.

About Simplify Your Retirement

Simplify Your Retirement is an independent financial education company. The goal of the Simplify Your Retirement course is to take the complexity out of retirement planning and to provide retirees with confidence when it comes to retirement income. Our goal is to empower Baby Boomers to prepare for a stable and predictable retirement income.

Licensed Insurance Professional.